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    TIG TORCH COMPLETE SET WP-26 ชุดสายเชื่อมทิก

  • Connector+air hose M16x1.5 screw size+plug switch+ribbed handle
เครื่องเจียร เครื่องตัด เครื่องเจาะ บริษัท วันพลัส เอ็นจิเนียริ่ง จำกัด OnePlus Engineering Co., Ltd
26 Series Air Cooles TIG Torches 26 Series Air Cooles TIG Torches
Description Standard No. Description Standard No.
WP-26 Torch (Gas and Cable Whole) WP-26-1(4M) Large Long Gas Lens 45V116,1.6mm
WP-26 Torch (Gas and Cable Whole) WP-26-1(8M) Large Long Gas Lens 45V64,2.4mm
WP-26 Torch (Gas and Cable Whole) WP-26-2(4M) Large Long Gas Lens 995795,3.2mm
WP-26 Torch (Gas and Cable Whole) WP-26-2(8M) Large Long Gas Lens 45V63,4.0mm
Torch Body WP-26 Ceramic Nozzle 10N50,6mm
Torch Body (Foexinle) WP-26F Ceramic Nozzle 10N49,8mm
Torch Body (Valve) WP-26V Ceramic Nozzle 10N48,10mm
Torch Body (Flexible and Valve) WP-26FV Ceramic Nozzle 10N47,11mm
Torch Body (Pencil) WP-26P Ceramic Nozzle 10N46,13mm
Long Back Cap 57Y02 Ceramic Nozzle 10N45,16mm
Short Back Cap 57Y04 Ceramic Nozzle 10N44,19mm
Gasket 18CG Extra Long Ceramic Nozzle 10N49L,8mm
Stubby Gasket 18CG-20 Extra Long Ceramic Nozzle 10N48L,10mm
Gas Lens Insulator 54N01 Extra Long Ceramic Nozzle 10N47L,11mm
Large Dai. Gas Lens Insulator 54N63 Short Ceramic Nozzle 13N08,6mm
Collet 10N21,0.5mm Short Ceramic Nozzle 13N09,8mm
Collet 10N22,1.0mm Short Ceramic Nozzle 13N10,10mm
Collet 10N23,1.6mm Short Ceramic Nozzle 13N11,11mm
Collet 10N23M,2.0mm Short Ceramic Nozzle 13N12,13mm
Collet 10N24,2.4mm Short Ceramic Nozzle 13N13,16mm
Collet 10N25,3.2mm Ceramic Nozzle 54N18,6mm
Stubby Collet 10N21S,0.5mm Ceramic Nozzle 54N17,8mm
Stubby Collet 10N22S,1.0mm Ceramic Nozzle 54N16,10mm
Stubby Collet 10N23S,1.6mm Ceramic Nozzle 54N15,11mm
Stubby Collet 10N23MS,2.0mm Ceramic Nozzle 54N14,13mm
Stubby Collet 10N24S,2.4mm Ceramic Nozzle 54N19,18mm
Stubby Collet 10N25S,3.2mm Extra Long Lava Nozzle 54N17L,8mm
Collet Body 10N29,0.5mm Extra Long Lava Nozzle 54N16L,10mm
Collet Body 10N30,1.0mm Extra Long Lava Nozzle 54N15L,11mm
Collet Body 10N31,1.6mm Extra Dai. Ceramic Nozzle 57N75,10mm
Collet Body 10N32,2.4mm Extra Dai. Ceramic Nozzle 57N74,13mm
Collet Body 10N28,3.2mm Extra Dai. Ceramic Nozzle 53N88,16mm
Stubby Collet Body 17CB20,3.2mm Extra Dai. Ceramic Nozzle 53N87,19mm
Small Gas Lens 45V29,0.5mm Switch (with wire)  
Small Gas Lens 45V24,1.0mm Handle 85WP13
Small Gas Lens 45V25,1.6mm Cable Assembly  
Small Gas Lens 45V26,2.4mm Cable Assembly Cover  
Small Gas Lens 45V27,3.2mm Valve Stem VS-1