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Table Pipe Cutting and Beveling Machine Print E-mail

บริษัท วันพลัส เอ็นจิเนียริ่ง จำกัด OnePlus Engineering Co., Ltd Table Pipe Cutting and Beveling Machine

Product introduction: Product of OSE series Orbital Pipe Cutting Machine is generate from OSD series of our company, which is a perfect combination of our current mature out mounted pipe beveling machine. Solve the problem of four claws of out mounted pipe beveling machine can’t centering, points clamping at the same time, deformation-free clamping system avoids pipe deformation, even for very thin pipe, match with standard cutting tools(HSS),Molding beveling tools.
The cutting system and cutter can be exchangeable with out mounted pipe beveling machine, automatically feeding, cutting and beveling for pipe thickness 4mm-15mm.
Can process material: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metal, engineering plastic and carbon steel.

The selection of parameters and processing capacity:
Electric Pneumatic Working Range( Wall thickness(mm) Rotating rate(rpm)
OSD-120 OSF-120 Ф20-121 ≤15 adjustable
OSD-170 OSF-170 Ф70-170 ≤15 adjustable
OSD-220 OSF-220 Ф120-220 ≤15 adjustable
OSD-320 OSF-320 Ф220-320 ≤15 adjustable
OSD-420 OSF-420 Ф320-420 ≤15 adjustable
OSD-520 OSF-520 Ф420-520 ≤15 adjustable
OSD-620 OSF-620 Ф520-620 ≤15 adjustable
OSD-720 OSF-720 Ф620-720 ≤15 adjustable